Owls Climb Trees

Today at Pasir Ris Park in Singapore a drama unfolded with a family of Spotted Wood Owls and a pair of Crested Goshawks.

The goshawk was thinking of having a meal of squirrel, or hmmm, perhaps owl?


And then all of a sudden some one noticed the baby Spotted Wood Owl on the ground.  Yikes, how this happened no one noticed.  Was it scared of the goshawk, lost it’s balance and fell, or was it simply being rambunctious and took a tumble.  Anyway, it wasn’t talking.  It sat on the ground as if stunned and probably was, folks took lots of photos, but the mood was quite good with lots of folks saying not to get too close.


And then it started to do something unknown.


And a little higher …


and higher …


Notice now it is using it’s beak to grab onto the tree bark (above).  Guess who was looking?  Yes, that’s mom looking!


But it’s a struggle holding on …

Looks like a long way to the ground …

Oh looks like I’m going to fall …


Oops, I’m back on the ground !


Well if at first you don’t succeed, try again !


I’m going to go for a walk !

I sure am cute, no ?


Now I’m supposed to be in a tree, right ?


What’s up there, any good trees ?


Oh, who’s that up there, oh that’s mom !


And who’s this, my sibling is up there too.  Looks like I should be there as well !


Okay, that first tree was lousy, let’s try this one …

How am I doing ?

I just have to get up to that notch in the tree …


One more push ….


Almost there …


There.  Now that wasn’t so hard ?


But we really must go much higher, we are an owl after all …


And higher …


And higher …


Still more to go …

Now a big challenge, how to get over this large tree knot ?


Hard work, climbing …


Whew, made it and didn’t fall !


Meanwhile the goshawk is still dreaming of a meal ….


This part is easy, I can practically walk up hill !


Just a bit more …


Okay, this should do it, I’m pretty high now !


I think it’s time for a well earned nap !

Meanwhile, the drama continues, the goshawk is so close to my mom, be careful !  Life is full of danger, what will happen tomorrow ?


Here I am at the white arrow, way up high in this nice tree.  Can you see me, I look very small.  I like trees, please don’t cut them down …


See I climbed this tree trunk, pretty cool huh?  We owls are great !


And here is the tree my nest was in.  My sibling is at the white arrow way up on the left, and mom is at the white arrow way up on the right !  I’m just one tree over now, because I fell out, and had to climb up a different tree, the first one was too hard.  It took me nearly an hour to climb back up safely into a tree !


Well that’s all until next time 🙂  I don’t plan on falling out of a tree again anytime soon though, that was really hard work !

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13 Responses to “Owls Climb Trees”

  1. Diane Porter says:

    What a great series. A story, a lesson in this owl’s climbing behavior, and every shot a work of art.

  2. Con Foley says:

    Thanks Diane, it was so very interesting to watch 🙂

  3. Mun says:

    Great documentation! Very well done, Con.

  4. Vilma says:

    Super documentation, Con. So glad the fledgling was able to climb up the tree. How long did it take? And lovely to see this kpair of owls breed again with 2 fledglings this year. We have observed one fledgling last year at the same time, same set of trees. Thanks

    • Con Foley says:

      Hi Vilma, Thanks ! From the time the owl was seen on the ground until it was safely back high up in a tree took nearly an hour. Better than an hour of TV and no commercials 🙂

  5. DORA says:

    Thank you for sharing.

    It was amazing!

  6. tommy says:

    thanks for ABSOLUTELY fabulous photo-story book !
    Hope goshawk goes away.

  7. Weng says:

    Brilliant stuff! Thank you for sharing

  8. Carol Iles says:

    Ah, my computer finally let me see the whole series! Marvellous photos! Well done. Now I know the youngster made it up the tree to relative safety. That was certainly some serious climbing! That’s one tenacious little owlet. If humans will just leave some habitat for hunting in this one should do well. Here’s hoping. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Mads says:

    Awesome! My wife and I had the privilege of seeing a family of 4 early this week in pasir ris (roosting on a tree over the nursery). Would they be the same family in your photos here? The two youngsters have grown (if they are the same ones here).

  10. Con Foley says:

    Most likely the same birds !

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