Pelagic Outing May 2011

A good day with another new species for Singapore waters on 14 May 11!  May was the month we expected the peak passage of Swinhoe’s Storm Petrels and we weren’t to be disappointed, logging about 25 petrels.  But on the way back was when we got our best action, usually this portion of the trip is quiet.  Close to St. John’s island we were heading into a squall and a large number of petrels were running in front of the squall, and then just behind a group of 8 Short-tailed Shearwaters, which should be a first record for Singapore.  The shearwaters were doing what their name implies and putting on a majestic flying display, swooping down close to the waves and then soaring back into the air, all following one another.

We also recorded several Bridled Terns, Black-naped Terns and Lesser Crested Terns.


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