Crimson Sunbird

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  1. Rick says:

    Thanks very much for taking the time to do this comparison. I’ve been using my very old 300 f4 (not the afs) with my D800 and was eagerly awaiting this new lens for wildlife and nature photography. I knew it was going to be sharp enough but was wondering about the bokeh. I realize you probably were somewhat close to the bird so the bokeh would be pretty smooth, but what do you think about bokeh when you are a bit further back from the subject? I’m probably going to buy it anyway as I don’t think there is a close competitor for the price but was still wondering. Again, thanks for posting all of this information!

  2. Con Foley says:

    Hi Rick, I really haven’t used the lens enough to form a conclusion about bokeh. I suspect it will be alright, time will tell.

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