Cairns & Tablelands 2013

Three of us set out on a trip departing Nov 6 and returning Nov 20th.  The trip covered a wide area of habitats and species and so is broken down into five sections.

Here is an overview of our route.

Cairns & Tablelands

We went as far north as Cape Tribulation, as far south as Mt Hypipamee, as far west as Mt Carbine and as far east as Michaelmas Cay.  From the map key you can see the distances were not very far, at most a couple of hours of driving, yet we covered a wide range of habitats and therefore wildlife.  I photographed 123 species of birds and a number of mammals and reptiles.

We had three days near Cairns, at Villa Marine in Yorkeys Knob.  Here is a link to our stay there:- Cairns

While in Cairns we had a day trip to Michaelmas Cay.  Here is a link to this day trip:- Michaelmas Cay

We had three days in Daintree village at Red Mill House.  Here is a link to our stay there:- Daintree

We had five days in Julatten at Kingfisher Park.  Here is a link to our stay there:- Julatten

We had three days near Lake Eacham at Chambers Wildlife.  Here is a link to our stay there:- Yungaburra


Here’s a list of birds seen / photographed on the trip.

No Name Location Seen Only Endemic NE QLD Comment
1 Baza, Pacific Mt Lewis yes
2 Bee-eater, Rainbow Cairns cemetery
3 Boatbill, Yellow-breasted Daintree yes
4 Booby, Brown Michaelmas Cay
5 Bowerbird, Golden Mt Hypipamee yes
6 Bowerbird, Great Julatten, Mt Molloy
7 Bowerbird, Satin Mt Hypipamee yes
8 Bowerbird, Toothbilled Mt Lewis, Lake Barrine yes
9 Brush-turkey, Australian several
10 Bush-hen (Amaurornis olivaceus) Beatrice Rd, Daintree secretive
11 Bustard, Australian Pickford Rd, Mary Rd
12 Butcherbird, Black Cape Tribulation
13 Butcherbird, Pied Atherton area
14 Catbird, Spotted several, Chambers yes
15 Chowcilla Mt Lewis, Lake Barrine yes
16 Cicadabird Steward Creek Rd, Daintree
17 Coot, Eurasian several, Lake Mitchell
18 Cormorant, Little Black Centeneray Lakes, Cairns
19 Cormorant, Little Pied Centeneray Lakes, Cairns
20 Coucal, Pheasant Steward Creek Rd, Daintree
21 Crake, Red-necked Carol’s house, Julatten Yes
22 Crake, White-browed Cattana Wetlands
23 Crane, Sarus Marks Lane & Pickford Road
24 Cuckoo, Channel-billed Steward Creek Rd, Daintree Yes
25 Curlew, Eastern Esplanade, Cairns
26 Dotterel, Black-fronted Hasties Swamp
27 Dove, Brown Cuckoo Mt Lewis
28 Dove, Wompoo Fruit Daintree, Chambers
29 Duck, Freckled Hasties Swamp
30 Duck, Pacific Black several
31 Duck, Pink-eared Hasties Swamp
32 Eagle, Wedge-tailed Euluma Creek Road
33 Fairy-wren, Lovely Pinnacle Road Yes
34 Fairy-wren, Red-backed Euluma Creek Road
35 Falcon, Black Euluma Creek Road Rare
36 Fantail, Grey Mt Lewis
37 Fantail, Rufous Mt Hypipamee
38 Fernwren Mt Lewis yes
39 Finch, Red-browed Julatten, Mt Lewis
40 Flycatcher, Leaden Mt Moloy
41 Flycatcher, Lemon-bellied Euluma Creek Road
42 Flycatcher, Shining Daintree River
43 Friarbird, Helmeted Cattana Wetlands
44 Frigatebird, Lesser Michaelmas Cay
45 Frogmouth, Papuan Daintree River yes
46 Frogmouth, Tawny Mt Carbine Caravan Park
47 Gerygone, Fairy Cape Tribulation yes
48 Gerygone, Large-billed Daintree River
49 Grebe, Australian several, Hasties Swamp
50 Grebe, Great Crested Lake Barrine
51 Gull, Silver Esplanade, Michaelmas
52 Hardhead Hasties Swamp
53 Heron, Great-billed Daintree River
54 Heron, Nankeen Night Esplanade, Pickford Rd
55 Heron, White-faced Pickford Rd, Daintree River
56 Heron, White-necked Pickford Rd
57 Honeyeater, Banded Mt. Molloy
58 Honeyeater, Blue-faced several
59 Honeyeater, Bridled Mt Lewis yes
60 Honeyeater, Brown Cairns cemetery
61 Honeyeater, Brown-backed Daintree River yes
62 Honeyeater, Dusky Cairns cemetery
63 Honeyeater, Lewin’s Chambers, Broomfield Swamp
64 Honeyeater, Macleay’s Kingfisher Park yes
65 Honeyeater, Scarlet Julatten yes
66 Honeyeater, Yellow Cairns cemetery yes
67 Honeyeater, Yellow-spotted Kingfisher Park yes
68 Kestrel, Nankeen Euluma Creek Road
69 Kingfisher, Azure Daintree River
70 Kingfisher, Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher Park, several yes
71 Kite, Black-shouldered roads near Broomfield Swamp
72 Kite, Whistling several, Daintree River
73 Kookaburra, Blue-winged Mt Carbine Caravan Park
74 Kookaburra, Laughing many, Stewart Creek Road
75 Lapwing, Masked several
76 Rainbow, Lorikeet Cairns cemetery
77 Magpie, Australian Mt Carbine Caravan Park
78 Mannikin, Chestnut-breasted several, Stewart Creek Rd
79 Mannikin, Nutmeg Cairns cemetery
80 Monarch, Black-faced Broomfield Swamp
81 Monarch, Pied Steward Creek Rd, Daintree yes
82 Monarch, Spectacled Kingfisher Park
83 Noddy, Common Michaelmas Cay
84 Oriole, Olive-backed several, Julatten
85 Oriole, Yellow Daintree
86 Owl, Barn near Yungaburra
87 Oystercatcher, Australian Pied Yorkeys Knob
88 Parrot, Double-eyed Fig Cairns cemetery, Lake Eacham Yes
89 Parrot, Red-winged Mt Molloy
90 Parrot-finch, Blue-faced Mt Lewis Yes
91 Pelican, Australian Esplanade, Hasties Swamp
92 Pigeon, Pied Imperial Cairns cemetery
93 Pigeon, Squatter Mt Molloy Yes
94 Pigeon, Topknot Mt Lewis
95 Pitta, Noisy Kingfisher Park, several
96 Plover, Lesser Sand Esplanade
97 Rail, Buff-banded Carol’s house, Julatten
98 Riflebird, Victoria’s Pinnacle Road, Chambers Yes
99 Robin, Grey-headed many, Mt Lewis, Chambers Yes
100 Robin, Pale-yellow many, Kingfisher Park
101 Sandpiper, Curlew Esplanade
102 Sandpiper, Sharp-tailed Esplanade
103 Sandpiper, Terek Esplanade
104 Scrubfowl, Orange-footed many
105 Scrubwren, Atherton Mt Lewis Yes
106 Scrubwren, Large-billed Mt Lewis, Kingfisher Park
107 Scrubwren, Yellow-throated Mt Lewis
108 Shrike-thrush, Little Cape Tribulation
109 Snipe, Latham’s Daintree River, Hasties Swamp
110 Spoonbill, Royal Hasties Swamp
111 Spoonbill, Yellow Hasties Swamp
112 Starling, Metallic Cattana Wetlands Yes
113 Stone-curlew, Bush Cairns cemetery, Yorkeys Knob
114 Sunbird, Olive-backed Cairns cemetery, Cattana Wetl yes
115 Swallow, Welcome Cattana Wetlands, Daintree
116 Swan, Black Lake Mitchell causeway
117 Tattler, Grey-tailed Esplanade
118 Teal, Grey Hasties Swamp
119 Tern, Gull-billed Esplanade
120 Tern, Greater-crested Michaelmas Cay
121 Tern, Lesser-crested Michaelmas Cay
122 Tern, Sooty Michaelmas Cay
123 Thornbill, Moutain Mt Lewis yes
124 Treecreeper, White-throated Mt Lewis
125 Triller, Varied Julatten
126 Whistler, Golden Mt Lewis
127 Whistler, Rufous Euluma Creek Road
4 11 15




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  1. Scarlett Lou says:

    I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Well written!

  2. Lim Aun Tiah says:

    Hi Con,
    It is almost 4 years after your visit to KF park that my friends and I will be making this Nov.
    It is a great write up, and I have picked up a few good tips on where to look for the more interesting birds. We are staying 7 days in KF Park and Carol whom you mentioned in your article will be our guide for 1.5 days.The rest will be on our own. Thanks for this useful write-up.
    Hope we can see the Southern Cassowary in Cape Tribulation. We will be making days trip to Daintree as well.

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