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The Cape Buffalo versus the Lions

An interesting encounter between a Cape Buffalo and a pair of young male lions.  The lions were having a go at the buffalo, not sure what they were thinking as a fully grown Cape Buffalo is one of the few animals that can hold it’s own against a lion.  This buffalo was fearless, when the lions would get too close he would charge, and the lions would definitely retreat.  Interestingly, the wildebeest just stand around and watch.  Although they are a favorite meal of the lions, I guess they knew they weren’t on the menu here!  The lions eventually gave up.

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Written on June 16th, 2011. 0 Comments

The Martial Eagle and The Ostriches

On Safari in the Masai Mara, departing from Fig Tree camp, we started our morning taking some pictures of the balloons as they were being filled.  We were on a two week safari, and this was our next to last day, Sept 10, 2010.  Then a few mintues later we came across a pair of Bat-eared Foxes, but the light was still very low at 6:30am.  Sunrise wouldn’t be until 6:38am.

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Written on June 15th, 2011. 2 Comments

Wildlife Photography is My Passion